Guitar Lessons with Angelo - at the Pedrini School of Music
"I am happy to be a student of Angelo. I've been a student for 3 1/2 years and I plan to continue my studies. He makes it fun to learn the guitar and he's a great guy."
-Bishop Lee, 5th Grade

"Angelo has been our guitar instructor for a year now and we are so happy that we have found him. My daughter and I take weekly lessons with him and he has been such a great guitar instructor. He is extremely patient (thank goodness since I'm musically challenged!), versatile, and friendly. He tailors his lessons to the student. Angelo's comfortable and encouraging attitude is great for any age from kids to adults."

"My son has been taking guitar lessons from Angelo for about a year, and it has been a wonderful experience.  Angelo approach is to have fun while learning, and that is so important for beginners.  I highly recommend Angelo to anyone that wants to learn the guitar."
-Chris Perri

"My son has been going to Angelo for over 2 years now and he really enjoys attending each week. Angelo has a very patient and sincere attitude with each student and is able to let the student learn at his own pace. He is very friendly and always gears his lessons to his students needs . If you wanted to learn guitar, I would highly recommend Angelo !"

"I have been taking guitar lesson with Angelo since March 2010 until now and i highly recommended Angelo to those who have great passion for music. His rate is very reasonable if compared to those formal music schools or even other guitar instructors out there but you'll get the best. He teaches various kind of music; from modern pop,rock to classical,jazz..he does it all. Learning how to play guitar with Angelo not only fun but also a way for me to relax after a long day busy with working and schooling. Angelo rocks."
-Nguyen(college student)

"When we first looked into finding a guitar instructor, for my 9 year old granddaughter, we had hoped that we would find someone who would make a good connection with her. We were amazed on how quickly the connection was made with Angelo and Samantha, not to mention the rest of the family. After the very first lesson we knew that we had found the best instructor. Angelo is very pleasant and easy going.  He takes the time to communicate with my granddaughter and this makes her feel a genuine acceptance. By the end of the first lesson she was playing "Happy Birthday"! Now she gets to pick her favorites pieces with Angelo's guidance and teaching"

"I started my guitar lessons with Angelo four months ago and they have been fun.  He is a very experienced and good teacher that knows how to guide beginners like me. He introduced me to new songs that I have come to enjoy and appreciate. In that time I have improved my skills and I'm very excited to continue my lessons.  I highly recommend taking Angelo's classes, for beginners and advanced people."
-Max Valiente

“Angelo is a great guitar teacher who is patient, friendly, and passionate.  Learning from Angelo does not feel like learning at all, he has you playing songs on the first day and his philosophy is to build technique and knowledge through playing instead of just chord exercises or picking exercises.  When you visit Angelo every week, it doesn’t feel like a classroom, but more of a jam session where you get to hangout and jam out to music you like, and you always leave feeling inspired to continue practicing and playing at home.”

"Angelo is a good teacher.  I am so glad he makes everything so easy.  I have only been playing for a couple of months but I have already learned so much."
-Samantha -4th grade

"My 10 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons for the last couple of months and she really enjoys Angelos class, she feels very comfortable on one to one lessons. Angelo has a good honest and quality way of teaching kids of all ages"