Guitar Lessons with Angelo - at the Pedrini School of Music
All my lessons include:

  • Musical material/transcripts included
  • Large database of lessons, no need to wait for instructor to write out lessons
  • My studio is equipped with 3 amps for electric guitar players
  • Integrated software to play along with lessons/songs at any speed
  • Free Guitar Picks!!

New students with no experience:
My curriculum is musically based, you will learn the techniques to play the guitar as you learn to play certain riffs or whole pieces arranged by me. My lessons are designed for people who want to make the guitar the their hobby. For the new beginner here is a list of topics we cover in 3-5 months. Remember everything is applied to a song!!!

  • Proper Technique
  • Open Chords 
  • Power Chords
  • How to read Chord Charts
  • How to read Tab
  • Play basic rhythms found in most songs
  • How to play lead 
  • How use the left hand when playing lead
  • The student will be able to play thru 6-9 tunes by the end of this time period.
  • Basic Music Notation

The beginner with some experience:
For this student we will continue where he/she left off on the guitar. ex. If the person was using open chords we will continue with more advance tunes with more advanced rhythms. For this student I like to make special arrangements to work on certain techniques.
I also can transcribe any tune to 85%-97% accuracy. I like to give these student the opportunity to chose what tunes they always wanted to play. Topics covered:

  • Barre chords
  • Fix any technique issues with the right and left hand
  • Work on intermediate rhythms found in most tunes
  • I will create certain exercises to teach techniques such as bending, slurs (hammer on and pull offs), arpeggios, etc
  • I can transcribe any tune to 85%-97% accuracy depending on the difficulty.
  • Focus on lead techniques for the right and left hand. 
  • Music Notation

For the intermediate student:
For this student I like to offer him/her a look into different genres of music:

  • Basic Finger-style
  • Classical Guitar for the beginner
  • Blues - lead and rhythm
  • Pop
  • Gypsy Jazz
  • Rock, Classic Rock, Metal
  • How to read music
  • Understand chords and the neck